Youth For Christ is a worldwide Christian movement working with young people, whose main purpose is evangelism among teenagers. Here in St. James, the Youth for Christ Studio Ministries has one goal: To reach every youth with the gospel for Jesus Christ. The ministry offers many things that attract, entertain and serve the needs of the youth in our area. Nothing can replace the knowledge and the transformative experience of salvation. All activities are either leading up to that point, or are building upon that foundation.

Several of the youth from Hosanna do participate in this outreach. They meet on Friday afternoon between 3:30 and 6:30 PM. Supper is served.

The current director is Art Ellington. He is the son of a Lutheran pastor and evangelist. Art has always viewed the Great Commission as a part of every believer’s life. Art is a credentialed minister and he is also a worship leader. It is his heart’s cry that the unbeliever would turn to their Father in heaven and call on the name of the Lord. Art is a great teacher and encourager to those who do believe in the Lord.

If you have any questions about Youth for Christ, Art can be messaged at art@scmyfc.org

The address for Studio B: 4th Avenue North; St. James, MN. There is a sign above the door that can be seen from the street.