Welcome to our Church!

Church History

Hosanna began with only a handful of people, with the first worship service being held in Memorial Park in June 1986. The church was incorporated in 1988. In 2013, Hosanna celebrated the 25 th anniversary. The congregation is looking forward to what God has in store for them. Since that time, there have been many positive good things take place within Hosanna. A few include 1) a new sound system 2) the capability to video tape worship services and special events that are held at Hosanna; in 2022 – the entire
interior of the church was painted, and televisions were installed in the front of the sanctuary- on both the south and north side of the church, for better visualization and better graphics of the Sunday morning PowerPoint program.

Church Theology/Message

Hosanna congregation has a high view of the Bible with the message of Christ, the cross and salvation. We believe that the Bible is the true Word of God. II Timothy 3:16-17. The sermons are based on God’s Word. The focal point of our worship service is on the sermon, not on liturgy. We are a non-liturgical, Lutheran church.

Our Mission

‘Bringing Jesus to People’ Matthew 28:18-20. It is our mission to serve Christ in our community and in the world through the Great Commission, presenting the good news of Jesus Christ to others.


Hosanna is an independent church associated voluntarily with other like-minded congregations called “Association of Free Lutheran Congregations” (AFLC). https://www.aflc.org/

Overview of the AFLC (https://www.aflc.org/)

The AFLC is a group of like-minded congregations that associate together with a common purpose. There are five important components that each congregation join together on.

  1. Nationwide, the AFLC churches agree to the inerrancy (authority and absolute accuracy) of
    the original Bible scriptures.
  2. The AFLC has no synodical ties. Each congregation governs itself freely.
  3. The AFLC is active with home and world missions. We are grateful to God for what He has
    been accomplishing through our missionaries, considering that our mission program is
    considered small by some.
  4. The AFLC has a two-year accredited Bible College (FLBS) (https://flbc.edu/) that is a program
    of Bible oriented study and practical Christian training. In the near future, ALBC, will be
    offering some four-year degree programs. The AFLC also has a seminary, the AFLTS, which
    can be accessed at https://flbc.edu/, as well. This school prepares students to be pastors and
    missionaries to further the Christian ministry.
  5. The AFLC is a spiritual movement that emphasizes personal, corporate, and national revival at
    home and aboard.

A few other facts about the AFLC:

  • They are not involved in politics.
  • They have a low overhead. Minimal funds are tied up in property, buildings, and debt. Voluntary
    contributions go to fund the ongoing work of the organization
  • Donations and church tithes are used to support the AFLC’s own benevolences and missions, and
    when designated, goes to World Relief.
  • The AFLC has officially taken a very strong anti-abortion stance.
  • The AFLC is not perfect. They have not been exempted from hardships and trials, both within and
    without the organization. These trials serve to bring us closer to the Lord and to each other.
  • The World Mission Prayer League (WMPL) (http://wmpl.org) is connected through a common purpose with
    the AFLC, however not at an administrative level.