What to Expect at Our Worship Service

  • One of the Deacons begins the service with a Welcome, Announcements, a moment of silence to quiet our minds and prepare for Worship. Then, a Call to Worship – which is a Bible verse – that is recited in unison. The deacon then opens with prayer.
  • Our music team leads the congregation in singing two praise songs. There is more information about them in another area of our website.
  • We recite the Apostle‚Äôs Creed together; on communion Sunday’s, we recite the Nicene Creed.
  • A passage of scripture is read by Pastor Joe.
  • Prayer Time: Our congregation breaks into small group with a leader. Requests and praises are shared and prayed for during this time. There is a scribe in each group that writes the requests and praises down. (This information is compiled together, and then sent out as a group email to those that requested to have the full list of prayer praise and requests so that they can be prayed for during the week.). The children also participate with their own leader and scribe. Their requests and praises are included in the group email that is sent out.
  • Special music is often part of our Worship service.
  • Offering is collected during a traditional hymn that is sung.
  • Pastor Joe, then reads the passage of Scripture that he will be preaching on before he starts his sermon.
  • Sermon is done by Pastor Joe or a guest speaker. Sometimes there is a panel of speakers that present on a subject.
  • At the end of the sermon, Pastor Joe closes with prayer.
  • The congregation sings a second traditional hymn
  • The congregation then prays the Lord’s Prayer together.
  • Benediction is given by Pastor.

Communion is served the first Sunday of every month